How To Brush Your Teeth

How To Brush Your Teeth #

# How To Brush Your Teeth #- Mistakes you make brushing your teeth-

This article focuses on simple yet very important points, which we take for granted or which we think are not very essential but from the oral and dental hygiene point of view these are considered as grave mistakes. 

Mistakes which you will be paying for if   not  now,  but surely in future. If you want to avoid such mistakes you better read this article completely. Stick around !!!.

Mistakes you make brushing your teeth-

1.       You are not brushing your teeth long enough.-
Most of us are brushing our teeth thinking that it is a cleaning phenomenon. But in reality it is not only a cleaning phenomenon but also there is a chemical reaction going on with the fluoride in your toothpaste.

 If you do not give adequate time for this chemical reaction to occur and fluoride to get activated for proper cleaning of your teeth, then you are not getting the proper benefits of using fluoride toothpaste.

 The estimated time for having a good and beneficial reaction to occur is approximately two minutes. If you are brushing your teeth lesser then this, then you are not getting complete benefits of having very good toothpaste.

 You are essentially getting only mechanical benefits which can be increased merely by increasing the brushing time to approximately two minutes.

2.       If you are rinsing your mouth with water after
you have brushed your teeth- it’s a big mistake. Basically what is happening is that you are spitting out all the fluoride out of your mouth with the water.

    We have all been doing this mistake and it’s time to change. The moment you finish of brushing your teeth for approximately two minutes you can spread out but do not rinse or gargle with water. 

    That way you will not wash out the fluoride on your teeth and it will get some more time to bring out its beneficial effect.

    I know some of us may not be very comfortable with the taste of the toothpaste for little more time, in such cases mouthwash or advisable which will help in                                              removing the taste, but retaining the fluoride sticking to                                    your teeth.

But it is not essential to use a mouthwash, it is expensive, and will not give you any extra benefit. So it is better to get used to the taste of toothpaste for a little more time before rinsing your mouth with water.

       Most of us use or rather I should say over use our toothbrush.
The life of the toothbrush is about 3 to 4 months, after that the bristles of the toothbrush wear of, they began to sway around or they get misdirected. 

And such a misdirected brush or a worn out brush bristles are no good for cleaning and brushing your teeth. You might be brushing your teeth but it is not good enough for maintaining a proper GUMS and teeth hygiene.

If you ever notice the bristles of your toothbrush misdirected, is the time to change your toothbrush.

4.       Always use soft toothbrush-the cleaning of our teeth does not involve mechanical aspect or polishing or shining your teeth with the hard toothbrush. The aim of brushing your teeth is only to remove all the foreign particles which have been sticking around in between the two teeth or on the chewable surface of the molars.

     A gentle circular motion of a soft toothbrush is more than enough to get rid of all those foreign particles.

    This process does not include or make use of force anywhere, in fact if you are very hard on your teeth, or brushing with the hard brush you might even damage your gums and not only that you might even lose all the dentine over your tooth which is responsible for whitening of your teeth.

     So next time when you brush your teeth be gentle, and don’t think brushing harder will polish your teeth and make them shine. In fact it is the totally opposite that will happen that is the more love dentine, will make them look all the more yellow and loss of shine.

5.       Correct way of brushing your teeth-
                   most of us brush our teeth with the back and forth the moment.
This moment is very well shown in the attached video, and also the correct way and the correct the motion for brushing your teeth is shown very well in the video.

We strongly recommend you to watch this video so that you understand the point clearly and never ever brush your teeth in a back and forth manner but it must be the circular motion which is very efficient and also very gentle on your gums in addition it gives excellent oral hygiene.

6.       You better start cleaning your tongue if you’re not doing it already. This should be done daily at the end of brushing your teeth. This can be achieved very well by a simple tongue cleaner or can also be done very well by the toothbrush. Also nowadays we get toothbrushes with the scraper on the backside which does a good job for cleaning your tongue without any extra cost.

7.       Always change your brushing routine.
                                                              By this what I mean is if today you are
starting to brush your teeth from incisors then tomorrow you began cleaning your teeth from the molars and they after may be the same but in the lower jaw. 

This is so because when you are in the beginning of the brushing procedure you are very active but by the time you are done or towards the end of the brushing procedure you are not very much active and this can lead to little laziness and improper cleaning of the teeth towards the end of brushing.

 This is the very reason why you want to change your routine so that next today if you began from some other area, that area will get proper maximum attention which lacked yesterday.

8.       While cleaning your teeth always keep the brush at an angle of 30 to 45° and began your circular motion from the gums and proceed down below. The correct motion is shown very well in the attached video.

9.       It is a healthy habit to brush your teeth twice a day but more than that may not provide any extra benefit on the contrary it might harm your teeth and your comes. For more information please watch our video.

10.   Do not store your toothbrush in bathroom-
    if you’re doing this it is yet another grave mistake. Data shows that toothbrushes which are stored in the bathroom are susceptible to harbour insect faeces which are microscopic and some of the insects skip your attention as you are not present in bathroom all the time. 
    You don’t know what is happening in the bathroom behind your back. The temperature in the bathroom is more humid and there’s not much of
disturbance once you are done with your morning routine. 

Such a disturbance free humid atmosphere is an excellent place where bacteria start multiplying, and this is also happening on your toothbrush. To avoid this it is best not to store your toothbrush in bathroom but outside the bathroom or somewhere in your bedroom but definitely not in the bathroom.


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