Wordpress tutorial for beginners

  WordPress tutorial for beginners

 This tutorial WordPress beginners tutorial, is a series of articles which aims at helping is all the beginners who plan to make their website or blog on the content delivery system which is very widely used and indeed is very simple to use even as a beginner. 


Welcome to WordPress.!!
The platform called as WordPress is one of the most successful platforms available today and has been used by millions of users across the globe.


Let me make it very clear in the beginning of this article, here we are not aiming to sell any kind of learning programs, CD or DVD material, selling give any workshops, or taking money from you for a podcast broadcast. We don’t even ask for your email or any kind of subscription.

 This WordPress learning series of articles and WordPress beginner tutorial is completely free, and is only a helping hand for you, so that you can not only build your website or blog, but you can even develop it to a level where it can help you and your small business to grow, expand and make money for you with the help of advertisements’ and social media marketing.


Nowhere in this WordPress beginners tutorial, is any kind of subscription or registration required.
Let us begin by enumerating certain common mistake which we all tend to make as a beginner. 

Even though WordPress as a Content Management System, platform is very simple and is almost free of coding, but still as a beginner we land up with certain mistakes which makes our life miserable.

We all learn from our mistakes and this article aims you for helping all those beginners to avoid all such common beginners’ mistakes in WordPress.


This tutorial will HELP you in  all the aspects of learning and building ,successful WordPress website.

WordPress Website Design:

We shall learn the following topics, 
  • Free themes for your WordPress website, 
  • Wordpress image size,
  • Responsive WordPress websites, 
  • Free templates for your WordPress websites and blogs,
  • WordPress blog,
  • WordPress plug-ins,
  • Free WordPress plug-ins,                             
  • Best free WordPress plug-ins, 
  • WordPress backup,
  • Wordpress image optimizer,                        
  • How to rank your website on Google,
  • Listing on Google search console,
  • Listing on Google search analytics,
  • What is Google search analytics,
  • Google my business,
  • Google website,        
  • Google tag manager, 
  • Google search analytics and its uses, 
  • Micro-data Markup Tool,
  • Schema.org,
  • WordPress back-links checker,
  • Child theme, uses of child theme,
  • Keyword,                           
  • Google keyword analysis,
  • Google Ad-Sense approval,
  • WordPress sitemap,
  • Advertisements on your website,
  • Monetisation of your blog ,
  • SEO, the best WordPress plug-in for search engine optimization (SEO), and many such a related question will be answered, in this series of articles called as WordPress beginners tutorial.

Wordpress Open Source:

Let me begin by introducing myself, I started my website about 1 ½ years ago. As a beginner I was totally lost in this world of Internet, website, website building, marketing and search engine optimization.

WordPress vs blogger:

Well I am a eye doctor by profession, to be very specific children’s eye specialist in Mumbai, having a pediatric unit, Latika Eye andMaternity Specialty Clinic, and this is my website-

 Do visit and see how things have evolved after I have started using WordPress as a platform for building my website.

WordPress Review:

The website which I have and as you see it today , has evolved and continues to do so since passed 1 ½ years. Today I am a proud owner, of this beautiful WordPress website.

Things were pretty difficult in the beginning as when I decided to have a website for my clinic. Being from the medical profession,Pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai, I was a total a novice and had absolutely no information, regarding this field of website development.

As a result I was approached by thousands of website developers, & professional website builders , with the huge quotation for building my website and yet another huge sum of money for a ranking my website on Google and maintenance of my website.

Wordpress Cost:

 Well, let me tell you, these expenses are not one-time expenses but these are the recurring expenditure which you will have two shell out of your pocket every year. So you can understand this becomes a lifetime liability.

 If you have lot of money and if you are a corporate with huge income than, such professional website developers is a very good idea, but considering you are a small business owner and definitely who is not having that kind of money it may not be a wise decision to get indulge in huge recurring yearly expenditure.

WordPress Free:

Such was my case and I did not take any professional help for building my website. And I decided to educate myself and simultaneously build my website.

 And in educating myself, right from the scratch Google was a savior for WordPress is a free ,open source content management system,further php, MySQL, WordPress , and WordPress are beyond basics.just remember WordPress is free!!!! and that's we all are using.

Wordpress Business:

Google has got tons of information available for educating yourself and also there are millions of videos available which help you, not only building your website but also help you to do search  engine optimization and so that you are able to rank your website.

Wordpress e-learning:

Mind it ranking your website is not an overnight process. It takes time to rank your website on Google, and also it takes lot of expertise and hard work ,by which I mean you will have two continuously update yourself regarding the recent trends in search engine optimization, recent algorithms of Google for search engine optimization,&  recent updated plug-ins for search engine optimization.

If you’re not from the profession of information technology & marketing, it is little difficult and might be a time-consuming affair.

 But if you are dedicated and also if you are interested to learn and educate yourself and update your knowledge, then you can always take a dive in this ocean of information technology and use it for the betterment of your small business.

WordPress Free Blog:

This marks the beginning of my journey as a beginner in the world of WordPress, the best ever content management system, the best platform for your website and blog.

In this tutorial, I will tell you all the steps which I took as a beginner some of which were clever decisions and few of them were grave mistakes which I made during this journey.

WordPress help:

I wish that an article like this was available 1 ½ years back and reading such an article would have helped me to prevent so many mistakes which I made as a beginner. 

Nevertheless today I have learnt and continue to evolve so that I can complete with other professional website builders and professional website developers, purely by taking help from Google, Google articles, Google blog posts, & Google you-tube videos.

 Remember continuously updating yourself, browsing Internet, watching lot of informative U-tube videos, and experimenting safely with backups, marks the beginning and success in your journey as a WordPress buddy.

Henceforth from the next article on words, we shall discuss and learn all the major points enumerated in the beginning of this article.

Till next time, happy WordPress learning!!!


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